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Why Choose us for your new Kitchen Installation in Northampton

With a large choice of companies out there, why should you choose us as your kitchen installer in Northampton, Kettering or Wellingborough? Here are some reasons why you should pick us over our competitors.

Customer Service – Have you ever had a contractor turn up to give you a quote and he showed very little interest? He came in on his phone, giving little grunts here and there as you showed him what you needed, leaving you with a sour taste. If he couldn’t be bothered to give you his full attention on the quote, then how could you trust him to actually deliver the job?

We always ensure that we deliver a high level of customer service to all our clients. We listen and advise and answer any questions that a client may have. We don’t simply ignore clients. With us you get the full service from start to finish.  

Experience – We have done many kitchen installations and refurbishments over the years. You have to be careful of companies or individuals who act like they know the trade but are actually just handymen who are only capable of doing little bits and bobs, or scam artists. If the price is too cheap, then ask yourself why. We have the skills, experience and pedigree to back up our claims.

Family run – We are a small family run business (picture of us is on the home page). So we can offer you that extra personal touch which many larger companies can’t. For example, will you get the same experience at your local corner shop as in one of the big supermarkets?

So those are the top 3 reasons why you should hire us.

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