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What are Popular Kitchen Colours for 2020?

A fresh coat of matte or texture can transform the kitchen like from drab to fab. From bright to dark, monochrome to polychrome, there are endless options of colors to choose from. Earthy, warm and bright colors are most effective in establishing a good look and atmosphere to cook in.

Neutral colors are the trend of 2020. All it takes is the right amount of tint or shade and you can transform any color into a neutral one. Contrast colors like red or yellow can complement almost any neutral shade. Following are some popular trends in 2020:

Black and White – The evergreen combination of black and white never fades out of a trend! Getting a black and white paint for your kitchen demands boldness and resurgence.

The Classic White Look – The royal white look is the people’s favorite. A color never going out of style, and there is a reason why sublime quality white paints are absolutely classic!

Hot Red and Yellow – Bright red and yellow kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. Appetite friendly and comforting look is what people want!

Unexpected Bold Colors – People like to add bold colors to their conventional black, white or silver appliances. Such vibrant colors include burnt orange, royal blue etc. Make sure to pick the colors wisely, as a mismatch or incorrect color combination can be detrimental for not only your pocket but also for your kitchen look.

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