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Top 4 Common Kitchen Repairs

No one likes dishing out money to do kitchen repairs. Yes, you could attempt to fix the issue yourself, but from our experience, the customer tends to aggravate the problem and ends up calling in an emergency plumber. So it’s best to call a professional the first time round.

Here are the top 4 most common kitchen repairs;

Blocked sink – Blocked sinks are very common. They are usually caused by particles being built up in the pipework. Try not to throw things like food down the sink. Empty all plates and then wash them. The sink isn’t a place where you can throw waste down and not expect it to get blocked as a result.

Floorboard pipe burst – Fancy a bit of DIY? We all do at some point. For some of us it’s a hobby. For others, the other half makes them do it! Drilling through the floorboards and into a pipe is common when doing your own DIT. Try to minimise this by trying locate where the pipework runs before you start nailing or drilling.

Water coming through ceiling – This particular repair isn’t caused by an issue in the kitchen itself. The leak usually comes from above through a burst pipe. The water builds up and then starts leaking through the ceiling. If not fixed immediately, the whole ceiling could come down, causing tends of thousands of pounds in damage and repair costs.

So get in a professional to do any kitchen repairs that you need. We can carry out both repairs and also undertake a kitchen installation.

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