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The Kitchen Trends For 2020

Its high time you start thinking about remodeling and refurnishing your old modeled kitchen and get on top of the latest kitchen trends. If you are one of those people looking to get a new look for your kitchen, then this article is for you.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. They are not only limited to cooking, rather multi-purposed kitchen halls now have dining and relaxing spots too. Countertops, lights, tables, chairs, utensils and their colors decide the look for your kitchen. Kitchen looks often outlast their time in the spotlight. Here are the top kitchen trends in 2020:

It’s all about the Countertops – Multi-functional and different colored countertops are high in demand! And the reason behind them is none other than the look countertops provide to the kitchen. Marble and nano glass tops add to the aesthetics and are also impervious to stains.

Cool Color Look – Painting your kitchen with a cool and soft color is the way to go. Instead of having to do a full kitchen renovation, adding a pop of cool colors to the walls and few other elements in the kitchen enhances the modern look.

High-Quality Slabs are Back! – Modern kitchens are all about dramatic and old school slabs. Multicolor or dark toned, all kinds of slabs are the trend of 2020.

Steel Hoods – Steel hoods are not only important for smoke ventilation function, but the modern hoods are made keeping the aesthetics in mind. We are noticing a surge in custom kitchen hoods that steer away from the boring stainless steel or basic painted wood.

Surprise Color Pops – Be bold and incorporate surprising colors at unexpected places in your kitchen! This way, a random appliance or a top can be customized and made special.

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