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The Kitchen trade and Coronavirus

You would agree if we said the coronavirus took us all by surprise. The virus went on to take many lives in the UK and around the world and devastated peoples lives and the economy.

Home improvement tools and equipment sales increased during the lockdown as many opted to spend their time doing home improvements jobs. At the same time, injuries due to DIY have also increased. The consensus is that since many people were at home, they were looking at new ways to spend their time. And novice DIY enthusiasts but more than they could chew.

But what of the kitchen installation service industry? How is the service side fairing? Not good is the answer.

When lockdown was announced all tradesmen apart from emergency services were informed to cease operations. So no kitchen installations or bathroom installs or roof replacements. It was a good move considering the threat to life the virus posed.

But it had devastating effects on the industry. Jobs were cancelled. Tradesmen were left with little or no work. The grants measure was a welcome sigh by the self-employed.

Moving forward; lockdown measure have now been eased but a recession is on the horizons. Buyer spending is still at a low but the service industry is slowly coming back alive.

Time will tell if we get a second wave or if a total economic meltdown occurs. But people are starting to spend on services again.

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