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The Different Types of Kitchen Layouts

Layouts can be the defining aspect for your kitchen. Getting the right layout is important for its functionality and practicality. People tend to spend a lot of time selecting the right layout for their kitchen before calling in a local Kitchen installer.

Layout is not only limited to defining the position of elements in your kitchen. Ergonomics has a big role to play in designing the right kitchen layout. Getting the furniture, sizes, heights right and ensuring the right space for movement, placement of appliances and aesthetics play a key role. Here are some common types of kitchen layouts:

One Wall Kitchen – The go-to look for small kitchen owners. One walled kitchen gives off an aesthetic look. Includes only one wall consisting of workplace and cabinets. One walled kitchens compromise functionality for space efficiency!

The Galley Kitchen – Give your kitchen the galley it deserves! An inner passage or galley is created by two rows of cabinets facing each other. The galley look is a convenient, simple and a cost-friendly layout.

The L-Shaped Kitchen – L-shaped kitchens are by far the most popular one out there! The open design of an L-Shaped kitchen provides space for multiple work zones. It is an especially handy kitchen layout for studio apartments and small places.

The U-Shaped Kitchen – A preferred layout for large kitchens. As the name implies, a U-shaped kitchen has a horse-shoe curve, providing easy movement and plenty of storage. It is recommended to have top cabinets on any two sides instead of all three to avoid a closed and cramped look.

The Peninsula Kitchen – The most spacious layout! Peninsula kitchen is the form of an island kitchen in which a kitchen counter juts from a cabinetry or wall.  It can be converted to a breakfast bar as well.

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