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How to find a reputable kitchen installer in Northampton

The last thing anyone wants to do is to hire a cowboy company to do a full kitchen installation in Northampton, or anywhere else for that matter. The sad truth is that it still happens to this day, and the customer ends up with a poorly fitted kitchen that is prone to fall apart.

Here are some tips in separating the real pro’s from the cowboys;

Reputation – Check the company’s reputation online or ask your friends and family. A professional company will be more than happy to share past customer testimonials with you. But also be aware of fake reviews being left by competitors. It happens more often than you think. A competitor might go out of their way to ruin another companies reputation.

Past work – Ask them to show you past work they have done. A real business who has done real kitchen installations and refurbishments in the past will showcase their work without hesitation. Are you happy with what you see? Do they have a catalogue to show you?

Customer focus – Does the company offer good customer service or is their body language showing that they can’t be bothered? You should look for a company that holds the high ground when it comes to customer service. A company that listens, advises and has good time keeping is less likely to let you down.  

Paperwork – Check all necessary paperwork, such as licenses and insurance.

So those are the top 3 things you should consider when you are looking for a local kitchen installation service.

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