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How often should you do a kitchen remodel

When you first moved into your new home, the kitchen must have been immaculate. It might have been a brand new installation (if a new build) by local kitchen fitters, or refurbished by the previous owners as they were preparing to sell the property, or the last owners kept it in top notch condition.

Like with most hardware, years of use (and maybe misuse!) and the odd accident here and there, does wear down the kitchen and its various components. Nothing lasts forever, and this more true with components that are used daily.

But how often should you remodel your kitchen? This really depends on the state of the kitchen and your mood. For example, if some parts are damaged or just an eyesore, you are better off just refurbishing those bits only. There is no point in ripping the whole thing out if only a few components need an upgrade.

Your mood also has a part to play. Does your kitchen give off a bad vibe? It could be the dim colours or the way everything is positioned. You might just want to upgrade because it just doesn’t look nice and doesn’t give you that uplift feeling. In which case, change and remodel.

But to be honest, a kitchen can last for decades if maintained correctly. Keep it clean, keep away mould and ratify damages as they occur, instead of letting them sit and cause more ruin later down the line. These little tasks, which won’t take you long, will ensure that your kitchen is fully functioning and will last for decades.

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